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20 Th07, 2020
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During the Covid-19 outbreak in the first half of the year, I set up bamboo fences around the outer walls,
and planted some vine plants and vegetables, like cucumbers and luffas.
When fleeting spring gives way to summer, these cuties start to send green glow.
Pick the fresh cucumbers from the vine, and some termite mushrooms from the mountains.
Cucumber peels with Lap-mei, cold noodles with chicken shreds, fried rice with cucumbers, Chinese chicken burrito…
#It tastes like Li Ziqi’s summer#. How about yours?
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  • Hey li ziqi could you please upload your recipes in English they look so delicious but I can't understand what ingredients your using to make them. 🤔 Huge fan of you from Brisbane Australia

    Hajira MansooriHajira Mansoori2 giờ trước
  • Кто нибудь может подсказать,что это за страна и можно ли как то сделать перевод

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  • Вдвоем с бабушкой, а готовит как на семью с мужиками.

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  • Pamplinas esa modelo que ba a estar de aburrida en esa tonta montaña y recomiendo hongos de popo

    Manuel CaballeroManuel Caballero3 giờ trước
  • Amazing cucumber garden

    Isna JvIsna Jv3 giờ trước
  • I love these videos and her gardening skills are incredible and cooking is at a professional level, she's the most active person ever I swear I love herr

    midoriya izukumidoriya izuku3 giờ trước
  • Me gusta como lo elaboras todo

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  • waww jago bgt masaknya,,,hebat

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  • 昨天(8-13)VN-key 发布了李子柒粉丝(Liziqi Music)上传的编棕叶篮子的视频,清晰度较差,原视频发表在2016-5-2日微博上。Yesterday (8-13)VN-key published the video that Liziqi made basket with fan palm leave, Liziqi Music channel. The original video published in WeiBo(chinese App) on 5-2-2016. This basket was created by herself only, but the skill learned from her grandfather.

    zhu weiguozhu weiguo5 giờ trước
  • Sigh. I made the stupid mistake of planting my cucumbers too close to my watermelons this year and the cucumbers choked all of them.

    Lauren MooreLauren Moore6 giờ trước
  • She is MULAN 2.0....

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  • Incredible Liziqi ♥️

    HappychicxHappychicx6 giờ trước
  • Good morning liziqi i am Florencia clavecilla from the Philippines i thank You for sharing your inspiring video because in this pandemic situation that the whole world is experiencing your video gives me a different look in life with the simplicity and strength that you are showing in VN-key life is worth living i enjoy so much watching all your videos i am so proud of you I'm a grandma of six Little kids and everyday You make my day complete by watching this inspiring videos thank You so much may god bless you always.

    Florencia CruzFlorencia Cruz7 giờ trước
  • Ehhh bini gue itu cantik bgt, pinter masak lagi!!!!

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  • Those look so delicious.

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  • You are a true artist Ms. Liziqi.

  • Tan genial, es increíble que pueda hacer tanto, y tan bien

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  • Liziqi , você é linda. Queria ser teu vizinho, para acordar numa paisagem tão linda como essa e ainda te ver passar. Que colírio para os olhos.

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  • are those bambo trees that pada eat

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  • Bien

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  • Umm, I like how she casually made an intricate basket out of a leaf. I honestly wonder if there's anything she can't do....

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  • When your short on money and food, this is what I do and search evry nook and beloved cranny of nature for a little sustenance. Take her advice and grow your own x Help others too, please x

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  • Indonesia here

  • Wild mushrooms are dangerous

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  • This girl is an example of a toiling woman

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  • Beatyful view

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  • Beautiful place to live isn’t it

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  • She forgets to bring a basket then she simply make one out of leaves on the spot.and its not just functional its really pretty in designe too.she truly can do everything..

    Mandarin Chinese Language Teacher HSKMandarin Chinese Language Teacher HSK14 giờ trước
  • The way she closed tht door.... Haha I too

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  • Its nice love to watch.but oil she use is too much

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  • rich the soil..and this lady is very good in gardening ang a good carpenter too...

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  • I wish I was there eating with you. The whole video is sooo interesting. You are awesome.

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  • Juegos de niños y niñas

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  • we all live on gift from heaven.

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  • Вы великая труженица!

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